Arndale Centre Campaign

When locally we are doing so much to encourage shoppers into our Town Centres, I am really disappointed to see that they have reduced the Free Car Parking times at the Arndale Centre to 30 minutes. This is wrong!

As I Councillor I have not only raised the problems with the parking restrictions at the Arndale on numerous occasions but have also helped many people who have been unfairly fined.…

This should not be happening and is completely unacceptable. We should be encouraging people into our town, not driving them out!

Please take 5 minutes (or less) to fill in this survey - your feedback is crucial!  I will be taking all the feedback from the survey to request a Full Council Meeting on behalf of the residents of Hyndburn and would love to have your thoughts on the matter.

Arndale Centre Car Parking Restrictions Survey

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Should the Arndale Centre Free Parking be Re-Extended to 3 Hours?